BEDIJ (Blog Every Day In June) Day 2

Hello 🙂

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, but it’s day two of BEDIJ, or Blog Every Day In June. I decided to try to participate in this blog challenge to get me inspired and force me to start a blog! I’ll be surprised if I will even complete the full 30 days, but we’ll see!




My pictures for today are based around this lovely modeling char from Diesel Works, which I’ve had for a little while. Today was different with this little beauty; I found the perfect lighting and the perfect pose!


That’s all for today! It’s only day two and I’m at a loss for ideas… Leave some themes below, please. You have no idea how much it would help.


One thought on “BEDIJ (Blog Every Day In June) Day 2

  1. WOW… like the pose. I would love to see jungle… Hot Arabian night….. fun night out… how about night at the ball…. I can’t wait to see more…

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