BEDIJ day 7: One week down, three more to go!


It’s a whole week that I’ve done this. Woo! that may sound like no real achievement, but I’m so happy I’ve gotten this far! I think that I’ve gotten a week down, I’ll get through the rest of the month.


Today’s sim is Hazardous, a dry, but quaint little sim I enjoyed taking pictures in. It’s sort of bare, but to me, that’s the best part of the sim. The slight randomness to the sim was also quite nice.

As always, SLURL will be below.


I had no real theme for my pictures today; I just found some places that caught my eye and took pictures. The statue was something that  really caught my interest.

It just brought this sort of peace to me when I looked at it, so I thought snapping a picture could only be fitting.

Hope all is well; see you next post!



One thought on “BEDIJ day 7: One week down, three more to go!

  1. Very cool. I went to check the sim out and could not believe how many people – or should I say couples were there relaxing having a great time… Great site for photos too! Nice…..

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