BEDIJ day 10: Mayfair

Day 9_006

Hello! Today’s sim is Mayfair, where the stores Celoe and Mon Tissu are. It’s a beautiful sim to take photos in! Though the main idea for this sim are the stores, there are many other areas to  explore and enjoy! It really adds a sense of being in France, not just these two little stores to shop in. It’s probably the prettiest shopping center I’ve seen to date.

Day 9_005

Speaking of Celoe and Mon Tissu, I decided to peak my curiosity and look around the stores, and I saw the lovely striped sweater from Mon Tissu, and the heels from Celoe. I absolutely love them, and I may or may not be taking another trip back there for more clothes. 😛

Day 9_001

Hope all is well and see you next post!



One thought on “BEDIJ day 10: Mayfair

  1. First I want to say – will you be my travel agent. The pictures are so inviting – they made me log in and head right to this sim … just love the feel – very very nice. Excellent pics and sim today — outstanding!! : )

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