BEDIJ day 11: Baja Norte

Day 11_001

Today’s sim is Baja Norte, a nice little beach to explore and a few areas to sit with friends or cuddle with your partner. As you can see, there are also some adorable goats just hangin’ around aswell. 😛

Day 11_006

I know I’ve done a beach sim before, but I really do love the look of Baja Norte, and I’ve been there a few times so I thought I should create a blog post about this beach I so enjoy.

Day 11_003

Baja Norte features some great cliffs to walk around, and the views are spectacular!  I didn’t find one spot that didn’t have a wonderful view, which is why I love this sim!

Day 11_005

That’s all for today, see you next post!



One thought on “BEDIJ day 11: Baja Norte

  1. I LOVE THIS SIM!!! I just had to visit this sim and see for myself if it was as breathtaking as it looks – and yes it is. You have captured great pics once again. You have not failed us yet – please lets see more of your excellent sim/pics…. Spectacular is the word for today’s post – wow!!

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