BEDIJ day 13: Luminarios Divide

Day 13_001

Today’s sim is Luminarios Divide, a small but mystical place. When I was taking pictures, I found out that next week the sim will be unfortunately closing due to the owner’s RL circumstances. It felt magical taking pictures there, so hopefully Luminarios will be back soon!

Day 13_002

I felt like I was in another world, full of magic and beauty, so I wanted to capture that for the blog challenge today.  It was also just so relaxing to hear the birds,  it was quite a peaceful experience.

Day 13_004

Overall,  I really enjoyed being at this sim, and I hope that one day it will return to SL. The experience you have while being there is calming, and I don’t find that as much in SL anymore. Maybe I’m not finding the right places, but Luminarios Divide was definitely a nice change to what I’ve been seeing recently.

Day 13_005

Hope all is well, see you next post!




One thought on “BEDIJ day 13: Luminarios Divide

  1. Aw… when I come across a sim that is closing, and it is as nice as this one – it makes me very sad. This sim is timeless and serene – you captured it’s beauty perfectly. Sad to see this one go.. really great pics today!

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