BEDIJ day 19: Zoo world!

Hello! Today’s sim is Zoo World, which quite obviously is a zoo, and the animals here are just adorable! Maybe I’m a little too excited about this place because I’ve never been to a zoo in real life, but the featured animals aren’t just ones that are currently living, but those that are extinct as well.  There’s a lot of variety in each of the pens, and information about each of the animals.

day 19_003

I really enjoyed being here and seeing what this zoo had to offer,  and learning more about the animals there. I love when I can go to sims and not only have a good experience while being there, but learning something as well.  Definitely a worthwhile visit alone or with a friend.

day 19_002

day 19_005

Just hangin’ out with my friend the Langur 😛


Hope all is well, see you next post!

Taken at Zoo world:


One thought on “BEDIJ day 19: Zoo world!

  1. What a surprise for today. I just love the zoo…. good to see people there with their families enjoying the experience. The pics are nice today, especially like your buddy the Langur pic- good one. Thanks for the visit to the zoo – it was fun.

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