BEDIJ day 20: KittyCatS! SL10B Celebration!

Today’s sim  of interest is the KittyCatS SL10B beach! They’re offering a kitty just for the occasion for free, so if you’re interested in having a kitty, head on over to pick one up*. 🙂  I am always impressed with how KittyCatS can dress up or create beautiful sims  dedicated to cats! There is a contest going on with 16 or so setups of KittyCatS with different themes for people to vote on, and all of them were so cute.

The beach theme was perfect, and kitties were spread all over, from kitty concerts just to laying out on the sand enjoying the day with little captions for their thoughts.I really had an amazing time seeing what KittyCatS had made for SL10B and they did not disappoint! I brought the lovely Ladywildfly along to explore this adorable kitty-filled beach and to be part of the pictures! Hi sis! 😛

For these pictures I took with different windlight settings to give different looks and feels for most of these pictures. I know they don’t really mix well together, but I think they still look good, even if the skies don’t match! I’d like to have a second opinion 🙂

Overall this sim was a lot of fun to look around and is definitely worth the time if you like cats and beaches (which I happen to like!) As always, Slurl will be down below for you to go check the sim out for yourself. 🙂

Are there any sims/themes you’d like me to look for? I do my best to find a great sim to post about, but I’d like to see what readers (if there are any) would like to see! Let me know 🙂

*NOTE: KittyCatS! are breedable cats which need to be fed, and said food is not free. Aside from the SL10B kitten, cats are not free. I want every one to be aware of this before getting upset I didn’t tell them. To buy food and more kittens, accessories, and other items regarding KittyCatS! visit their mainstore, which I will also link to.

EDIT: After opening the box, I did notice there is one weeks worth of food with the kitty, but after that week is over, you will need to purchase food.

Hope all is well, see you next post!

KittyCatS! SL10B Celebration:

KittyCatS! Mainstore:


One thought on “BEDIJ day 20: KittyCatS! SL10B Celebration!

  1. WOW…. what a fun day… I just had a blast looking around at all the displays – riding the megapuss with sis, eating snow cones and riding the ferris wheel. Kitty Cats did an outstanding job – kudos for such a fun place to visit – and sis I just love the pics – especially the ferris wheel – boardwalk and beach. I am still smiling from our visit and seeing the wonderful pics you captured while we were there – Thanks for having me join in on this fun today! : )

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