BEDIJ day 22: Noweeta Grassland

Day 22_002

Hello there! Today’s sim is Noweeta grassland, a lovely little sim with animals and campgrounds. I wish I had more time to fully explore sims, but I think leaving a little mystery is great so that you might actually visit the sim of interest!  This sim has a very relaxed feel about it, with the campground and folding chairs.  While you’re exploring the sim, you’ll find both small and large critters about enjoying food or peeking their heads out of their burrows. I love seeing animals of all kinds on sims, they just add so much personality!

Day 22_005

Day 22_003

Day 22_004

Overall, I did enjoy being at this sim, it’s a nice place to socialize or just look around with a friend.


Hope all is well, see you next post!








One thought on “BEDIJ day 22: Noweeta Grassland

  1. I like this sim a lot… It sure does have a comfortable feel about it… a great place to hangout for sure. Like the pics today – love the giraffes – and the pic looking down the hill with the colorful balloon – very nice. : ))

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