BEDIJ Day 23: Dark Moon India

day 23_002

Hello! Today’s sim of interest is Dark Moon, an Indian themed sim with a hindu temple! I really like seeing ethnic sims in Second Life, especially when they’re this beautiful.  The painted elephants and all the animals are just lovely! I’ve been on this “I love big herds of animals” feeling lately, so give me as many animals as you can get!  I feel that it’s a better option  than going and seeing a zoo, and I can’t afford to travel to see them in the flesh.

day 23_001

day 23_003

Inside the temple, there was a shrine to the Hindu god Krishna, simple but beautiful. I found that a lot of things on this sim were simple but beautiful. Showing  pleasure in nature and simple things in life. 🙂

day 23_004

That’s all for today! See you next post:)



One thought on “BEDIJ Day 23: Dark Moon India

  1. Excellent sim choice today – provocative and breathtaking…. your pics are beautiful – you have wow’d me once again… Super pics and sim.. very very nice… : ))

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