BEDIJ day 24: Under The Sea Expo

Day 24_001

Hello there! Today I went and explored the Under the sea expo, which featured many aquatic products and breedables! If you want to visit the expo, it’ll be open until June 26, so head on over!  I saw absolutely TONS of mermaid oriented stores for new tails and things of the like, and I may of tried a tail or three during my adventures! 😛

Day 24_002

Day 24_003

KittyCatS! were featured there, and I just couldn’t resist taking some pictures of their store! I always love seeing how they decorate and the kittens are too adorable!

Overall, I enjoyed the Under the Sea expo, and I’m sure I’ll be back before it ends for a perfect mermaid tail!

Hope all is well, see you next post!






One thought on “BEDIJ day 24: Under The Sea Expo

  1. This is a really good expo to go visit… especially if you are the water type. Love all the displays as you captured the very cute Kitty Cats one… hurry and head on under to see for yourself. Love the pics today! : ))

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