BEDIJ Day 26: Mermaids spotted in Baja Norte!

day 26_001

Today’s post features the ever popular Baja Norte! I’ve been here a couple times before, but I absolutely love this beach! The post is actually more about my legs– or lack thereof.  I bought my first mermaid outfit from LunaSea, which is dragon themed. I never thought I’d like being a mermaid, but I really enjoyed the look.  I’ll put a link to purchase the outfit on the marketplace or a slurl to the in-world store with the sim location at the end of the post for anyone who’s interested. 🙂

day 26_002

I’ve always had a tough time getting the perfect position for a photo, and this shoot was no exception until I remembered a trick Strawberry Singh posted about a little bit ago on her blog. I thought I should share it for anyone who might find it useful!

1: Open up the Develop menu by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Q

2:  Enable the “Allow Select Avatar” by Develop > Avatar > Character Tests > Allow Select Avatar

3: Press Ctrl-3 to open an edit menu

4: right click on your avatar

5: Adjust your avatar with the edit arrows!

Thank you, Berry ❤

day 26_004

day 26_003

That’s all for today, see you next post!

Check out Berry’s blog:

Baja Norte:

Mermaid tail:


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