BEDIJ Day 27: Las Vegas!


Hello there! The sim of interest for today is a Las Vegas themed sim full of clubs and many other party areas to have fun and hang out! I enjoyed walking around and looking at the highly detailed build that makes up the city. Even while I was there a party was being held at one of the clubs near the spawn entrance, so if you like to party this sim is definitely up your alley!


Along with many places to party, there are also places to shop aswell! I didn’t look inside any of the shops while I was there, but I’m sure they’re worth a look around, and the fountain is enough to attract anyone!


That’s all for today! See you next post!



One thought on “BEDIJ Day 27: Las Vegas!

  1. Vegas – who doesn’t like Vegas…. You picked a very cool sim today – This place has plenty to look at, swim, shop or dance your you know what off.. A super fun place to hang for sure… You captured the grand fountain which I enjoyed so much sitting there just relaxing..Very nice… I also like the water area which looks so inviting – great pics today!! : ))

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