BEDIJ day 28: Bentham Forest

Day 28_002

Hello there! The sim of interest for today is Bentham Forest, which follows a dark fantasy theme. I’m not a huge fan of horror in real life or Second Life (I’m a complete wuss!), but this didn’t scare me as much as it had a creepy feeling while exploring the forest. There is a sort of “quest” system that is mostly themed around gathering offerings for the mushroom people of the forest. I haven’t seen many attempt or implement quests of any sort, and the addition of quests may be small but still creates appeal for those interested.

Day 28_004

I really like how mystical and beautiful while still having a dark feel about it. The mushroom people and the creepy looking trees made me feel like I was stepping into a new world, and that there was no turning back from the forest.

Day 28_005

Day 28_006

Overall, this sim was really enjoyable for me to explore. I’m not a big fan of scary things, but this was toned down enough to easily explore while still being a bit creepy. I didn’t try the quests when I visited, but they did seem a lot of fun and worth checking out if they’re something you’re interested in!

Hope all is well; see you next post!

Bentham forest:


One thought on “BEDIJ day 28: Bentham Forest

  1. A sim with a challenge – yes we like those… This sim definitely has an eerie sense about it mixed in with a bit of mystical whimsy… which I just love. GREAT photos today…. fun sim to visit.. and you even got my goosebumps up. Nice choice of sim and pics. : ))

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