BEDIJ Day 30: Winter Moon

Hello there! Welcome to the last BEDIJ post! It’s been wonderful participating in this blog challenge that pushed me to start my blog! I’m excited to continue blogging my adventures in SL, hopefully for awhile to come 🙂

I’d like to thank those who have followed, liked, or commented (hey sis!) on my posts and showing your support; I’m really happy to see all the support from my posts. Thank you 🙂

The sim of interest is Winter Moon, a quaint sim to hang out and explore! I didn’t really find a specific theme in this sim, but I felt so relaxed and loved everything that makes up this sim. This sim is more directed towards socializing and hanging out, however I’m a complete hermit, but I could easily hang out here and enjoy my time there.

Overall, this sim is very relaxing to hang out and socialize at, with a beautiful aesthetic.

That’s all for today! See you next post!

Winter Moon:


One thought on “BEDIJ Day 30: Winter Moon

  1. I really like the sim choice for today… there is enough to see and it keeps you searching to find the next cozy spot… I love walking through the woods… strolling along the beach or just swinging along the waters edge… You captured some of my favorite spots here.. and the pics look great. This is a place that makes you feel at home… Love the pics today… : ))

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