Enjoying the 4th at WatchTower

Hello everyone, Happy Independence Day  to you all! The 4th of July is an  American holiday that celebrates our freedom by eating barbeque, getting drunk, and setting off florescent explosives into the sky. I hope you all are having lovely barbeque and see amazing fireworks!


The sim of interest for today is the WatchTower, a cafe settled in forest that has a tiny (but pretty) beach, and beautiful mountains! This sim is definitely worth a look around, just for all the beauty there is to be seen there, and lots of relaxing areas to hang out in with friends.


I tend to find relaxing sims to be what I like, since they’re nice to hang out with friends, or just settle down and have a good time.

7.4.13_001 (2)


That’s all for today! Hope all is well and see you next post!

Taken at WatchTower


One thought on “Enjoying the 4th at WatchTower

  1. Happy 4th of July! What a nice sim today… I just love the water on this sim… reminds me of a lake with a comfortable beach.. love the romantic arched bridge nestled into the waters edge.. I could definitely spend the day here. The pics are very nice today and show many of the wonderful areas at this sim. Cheers! : ))

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