Hello there! The sim of interest for today is Onigashima, which follows an Asian theme and features gorgeous scenery! There are so many picturesque spots to be seen and experienced while walking around looking the shops scattered around the sim. I brought my sister along and she was just as astonished as I was to see everything Onigashima’s beauty offered.

The shops range from Asian furniture to clothing– for both “large” and “petite” sizes. It is worth a walk around to see what you can find at Onigashima, you may find some lovely items!

Overall, Onigashima was absolutely gorgeous to explore and I know I’ll definitely be back at the shops for a possible shopping spree!

Taken at Onigashima


One thought on “Onigashima

  1. WOW! This sim is breathtaking – all the different views… the bridges alone make a person say wow… This sim is A MUST SEE – you will not be disappointed. The pics show just a taste of what you will experience here… there is so much to see… Great pics today – as they show just enough to entice a visit to Onigashima… : ))

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