My Second Life Bucket List Challenge

Hello there! Today’s another blog meme, which is now re-named to “challenge” instead of “meme” since my sister insists on pronouncing it as “Me me” 😛



This challenge was a bit hard to do, what was also interesting for me to see what really interests me here. This is my bucket list!

Meme Instructions: Share at least 5 items on your Second Life Bucket List and try and complete one of the items on the list this week. Don’t forget to leave a link to your list in Strawberry’s comments below so we all can come by and check it out!

1. Make a mesh item that I can be proud of– Recently I’ve been trying to get into making meshes and trying for the love of god to understand Blender. I look up some tutorials and It all clicks when I watch it be done, but when I’m in Blender, it’s like trying to talk to someone when you don’t understand their native tongue. If someone has any good tutorials, please let me know!

2. Attend or participate in a play– I heard about the Romeo and Juliet play that was being shown at Basilique but I haven’t seen it yet. I’ve always also wanted to act in a play, even though I’m tremendously shy. I don’t know what draws me into it, but it seems fun!

3.  See some awesome SL musicians- I absolutely love music, but I rarely go to see any live music in SL, mostly because I’m an utter hermit and don’t socialize really well. I think pushing myself out of my comfort zone a little bit could be good for me, especially if it’s for something I enjoy!

4. Successfully role play at a sim- I know most of these things are about getting out of my comfort zone, but I do really like to RP, I just haven’t found a place that I can really get into the RP. I guess I would need to know what I really want to RP as, but I’m feeling it would be a Tolkien-esque elf (Love LOTR) or maybe some sort of historical sim. So much RP to choose from!

5. Go to more educational sims or events- I’ve always enjoyed learning, and I think that even though we stop learning in the traditional sense, such as high school or College, doesn’t mean that it should stop! I find SL to be a particularly fun way to learn since it can be an hands on and immersive experience!

That’s my bucket list! I liked thinking of stuff I really want to do in SL, this challenge sort of gave me a boost to make these things happen!

Taken at Crossing Currents


7 thoughts on “My Second Life Bucket List Challenge

  1. Yay… challenge is more like it… With every challenge comes an opportunity. Hugs sis – nice pics..
    : )

    • I’m glad to know someone understands my struggle! 😛
      Just kidding, I’m sorry you’re having trouble with Photoshop! There are a ton of regularly updated tutorials on Youtube, which is what got me started. That’s probably the biggest problem I have with trying to understand this blasted program! I can’t find for the life of me any tutorials that were made after 2011!

      I hope you’re able to figure out Photoshop a bit better!

      • That’s true. I had a lot of problems with that too, which is why I have so many problems watching tutorials for new ideas, since the creator might do something differently than I know.. It’s a learning process! I hope everything works out for you:)

    • Thank you so much for the information and the invitation to act in a production– unfortunately at this tie I just don’t have a steady schedule that I could dedicate a lot of time for play rehearsals and such. If my schedule changes in my favor I’d love to do it at some point, it seems so fun! Again, thank you:)

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