Rodvik Linden Challenge

Hello there! Sorry the challenge was late, but alas RL got in the way and I couldn’t post on time. 😦 Better late than never, eh?


I was taking some photos at Zigana, when this guy clad in god knows what photobombed a completely good picture! If it isn’t obvious, I was quite upset, and let him know my feelings. He just stood there constantly staring at me, and looked like he had no intention of speaking. After about a good 5 minutes of my scolding he blurted out, “Oh won’t you just shut up and let me take you on a date?!” I was quite befuddled at the statement, and I was starting to wonder if he was even alive until he decided to speak up!

I don’t know what drove me to agree to such lunacy, but I agreed to a simple date through a romantic park with this “Rodvik” fellow. Maybe it was the Roman themed clothes that drove me in, but deep down I was truly excited! I hadn’t been on a date in a long time, and there was something odd about Rodvik… something I couldn’t explain.



I dressed up in one of my most fancy dresses to the gardens of Heightened Passion, a quaint, romantic garden to explore. I met Rodvik there, again clad in his Roman attire for our date. I thought he would’ve dressed up a little bit, at least something more than day clothes! I let it go easily, since clothes are only clothes, what matters is on the inside– and it isn’t the genitals– not all the time at least. <.<

We chatted about various topics while exploring the gardens, and I decided to take a picture with him on the bridge to always remember this moment between us. He kept his hands to himself, always polite, but later in our explorations things became… a bit intimate to say the least. I asked him to come back to my trailer for some good “clean” fun!


“Draw me like one of your French avatars, Rodvik,” I asked, lying on my chaise. Rodvik turned away extremely quickly to avert his eyes from the apparent nudity in front of him. He made a quick excuse about the next day’s work and left before the dust in my trailer could settle!  I was pretty sad to see him go so soon, but this lunacy wasn’t meant to be.

Maybe he’ll like my alt better? 😉


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