Eryn Vorn

Hello everyone! I recently visited Eryn Vorn, an extremely large park and has a live music venue. When I say this sim is “large”, I mean it’s made up of 13 sims to explore and enjoy. I didn’t visit them all, but I did really like what I saw when I was there. Unfortunately they’re downsizing and possibly putting a membership on these parks, with the offical closure going to happen on August 8th.


Aside from the music venue, this sim is more of a peaceful time to explore the parks with some cute spots to dance with a friend or partner. I found these parks to not have tons of activities, but a place to relax and enjoy your time there.



I’m sad to see this park be downsized, but I hope that it’ll just as lovely as it was when I visited when it reopens!

Until next time!

More info on the park’s closing:


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